Cross Seasonal Beverages

There are beverage options available that can be enjoyed year ’round!

How about those that impart a flavor profile, calling back to slow sips and warm moments by the fire with a loved one? Or those that cause you to reminisce about that vacation with the sand, between your toes, the blazing sun and the ICE COLD drinks?

Well folks, there are flavors in beverages that can translate between seasons depending on the temperature of the drinks.

Tea is one of them- black tea specifically. It’s iced down, sun-brewed, warmly steeped, used as the base in hot toddies… its uses are ENDLESS!

We at Shots by Miko have developed a few options utilizing this versatile tea to cross seasons in order to provide you a few drinks that need no changes other than the temperature.

Our custom option named, It’s Tea Time, starts with a black tea base with some signature lemon flavorings. We go on to add custom infused elements to that provide the sensation of a warm cup of your favorite. To that, we also include refined spices and served in a well-garnished highball glass over ice. You can add your favorite whiskey/whisky, bourbon, scotch or brandy for a Hot Toddy or vodka, rum, tequila & gin to create a twisted Long Island. Drinking it without the spirit addition(s) is great as well.

So don’t discount some drinks out there. Varying its temperature can broaden your beverage possibilities, regardless of season.


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