Favor Preparations

Wanting to say thank you? Wanting to leave an impression after the event? Allow Shots by Miko to bottle favors for you, with tags and all!

Upon concluding the consultation and decision of prototypes, favors are bottled in 50ml tamper evident bottles, labeled with the name given and a custom hang tag is added as the entire presentation is placed in a small gift bag sealed with a sticker to be given to guests, placed in swag bags or handed out as party favors.

50mL (minimum order: 10)*

Custom Spirits

Shots by Miko has leading the team a certified spirits specialist which means that she has tested and passed all the requisites of spirit knowledge and has the ability to build a custom spirit for the clients of Shots by Miko. These are spirits that can be taken and mixers added for pleasure of each individual consumer or can be consumed straight, chilled or over ice. These spirits are prepared at the desired proof of the customer in a choice of bases: Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey or Gin. 

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Boutique Bar Services

These are our smaller set-ups made especially for salons, boutiques, barber shops, clothing stores and other spaces where a full set-up is not needed. This service provides a simplistic set-up of specific beverages to be served to guests inclusive of cups, straws & napkins. This can either be an open bar setup or a cash bar set-up for the client. These options can be non-alcoholic as well.

A discounted service fee is attached to this service as well. This service has a three (3) hour minimum. 


3 types of margaritas utilizing house gold tequila. A tequila upgrade is available for an additional cost.


3 types of martinis utilizing house vodka or gin. A liquor upgrade is available for an additional cost.


3 types of mimosa utilizing 3 types of champagne or prosecco. Champagne upgrades are available for an additional cost.


1 type of bourbon utilizing house bourbon/whiskey and one (1) domestic beer. Additional bourbons & beers are available for an additional cost


3 types of Shots by Miko Custom beverages utilizing house spirits. A spirit upgrade is available for an additional cost.

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