Buying Tea for Parties

Buying tea for parties needn’t be a difficult or non enjoyable activity, you just need to know what type to go for and to be able to estimate the right quantity to buy. As the host of a dinner party you may be concerned by the prospect of choosing the right type of tea to serve up, with so many different types now available and with so many people having their own particular requirements and preferences you may worry that you won’t have the right type of tea or perhaps you will purchase one that nobody else likes, although it is your own favourite.

Obviously you don’t want to run out of tea midway through your party, but at the same time you don’t want to bankrupt yourself buying huge quantities that never end up getting drunk.

To estimate the quantity required before buying for your party it is worth trying to make a quick calculation based on the number of people that you expect to be attending. If there is going to be 20 people at the party then you can estimate that each of these will drink a maximum of 4 cups each, meaning that you will need 80 servings. If the average teapot can make about 5 cups of tea which use about 2 bags then you will need to make about 16 pots, which will be about 32 bags. So you should be able to use this equation to fulfil your own party requirements just by substituting your own numbers into the sum.

You will also want to make sure that when buying tea for parties you don’t just go for one brand. You could play it safe and go for a well known type like PG tips, just as an insurance policy because this tea is generally liked by everyone. But then you don’t want to appear boring by serving just one type at your party.

By buying the right type of tea you could end up improving the enjoyment of other guests and you could even surprise them by serving up special types of tea. For example, perhaps the people are all fond of gardening. You could try serving up Camelia tea, a special type made from the Camelia plant. This is sure to get your party off to a great start, and give you a really interesting talking point amongst your guests, and is sure to be something that is of interest of everyone at that particular party.

Tea is actually a very healthy drink if consumed in modification as it can contain many oxidants and nutritious elements, and so by serving it you could actually be doing your guests a favour.

The oxidants in tea can be good for digestion in particular and so you are serving up a far more healthy drink then most parties would, which usually consist of highly alcoholic cocktails. Thankfully by buying tea for your party none of your guests will wake up the next morning with a massive hangover.

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