Shots by Miko made the Final 4 in the Power of the Palate Virtual Cocktail Competition.

As the competition moved along from #RepYaCity which consisted of 16 competitors, to #HerbNFlow that narrowed it down to 8 competitors to now #NameThatDuo that has only 4 competitors, Shots by Miko was one of the four!

Kansas City, Missouri was placed on the map to showcase the artistic mind and creativity that lives here. Shots by Miko graciously showcased the city in a great light.

The duo of a cocktail & mocktail was named We got Something in Common after the R&B singers Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston. It featured some flavors that were present in both, blackberry juice & orgeat (Almond) syrup.

As much as the judges chatted about this raving duo, there could only be two that advanced to the finals. Unfortunately Shots by Miko was not one of them but finishing in the top four in a nation wide competition is a great feat in itself.

Continuing looking for Shots by Miko and the moves that are being made here & in the future.

Thank you all for the continued support.

Shots By Miko Mixologist

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