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Shots by Miko 101

This class covers background information on spirits and teaches techniques, recipes & how to stock one's home bar. We can come to any space you would like to do this presentation with enough room for everyone to get in on the fun & learn.

What You'll Learn

It takes more than a recipe to make a great drink. Merely using the right ingredients won’t guarantee the desired taste. The secret is definitely in the prep! The work put into preparing a drink is just as important as its ingredients. It’s what determines if your creation will be exceptional or janitorial.

That is the reason we have created Shots by Miko 101 to teach you the tips and techniques necessary to make your drinks taste like those of a seasoned professional.

Bartending Basics

Basic supplies you will need for a professionally equipped bar

Bar Hints & Tips

Small litlle add ons to give your home bar your own flair.

Common Bar Terms

We'll break down some of the lingo you hear behind the bar so you'll be in the know.

Stocking Your Bar

We'll provide you with suggestions on building out your home bar just to your liking.

Glass Ware

Various types of glasses are going to be needed for certain types of beverages, we'll explain and then you choose.

How to Chill Cocktail Glasses

A simple way to have cold drinks and not worry about the potential of it being watered down.

How to Cut Lemon Twists

Make a nice drink even better with the addition of some lemon twist variations.

How to make simple syrup

It's a lot easier than you think! We'll even show you different types.

How to Make Sour Mix

Sure you can buy it but what if you already have the supplies? You can make your own & we'll show you how.

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